Customer References

Does your sales organization undervalue the importance of referenceable customers? Is the reference clause the first thing cut from a contract during negotiations? Articulate has worked with clients of all sizes to overcome internal challenges through education, process optimization and incentive programs.
No one can tell your story better and with more validity and legitimacy than your customers. The next time you're reading a newspaper or magazine article, notice the number of stories that include a comment by an actual end-user or a description of how a product is deployed - virtually all of them!

Not only are customer references a critical component to any successful communications plan, they are vital for helping close deals.

Articulate has deep domain experience with customer relations. We've helped Fortune 1,000 companies institute reference programs from scratch and have armed sales teams with powerful collateral for reference selling. We work closely with you and your sales organization to identify and qualify customers that are willing to speak on your behalf in case studies, press releases, bylined articles, speaking slots at industry tradeshows and submission for industry award opportunities.

A testimonial from a customer is a powerful thing. We can help you leverage these relationships across a variety of marketing channels and within the sales organization.

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