As seasoned storytellers, Articulate's team of strategic communicators deliver the creativity, knowledge and tactical excellence needed to tell your story, and to do it in a way that resonates with your target audiences and supports your business objectives.

What's our approach, and how do we measure results? Simple. We have the expertise about your space, our agility makes us creative and smart about coming up with new ideas, and we deliver the right kind of results you need.

Articulate's philosophy underpins everything we do. Meaning, we ask the tough questions and look to deliver value always. We don't waste time or resources on activities that won't yield returns or can't be measured. It just doesn't happen.

A full-service agency, Articulate exceeds our clients' expectations through aggressive, result-oriented programming that falls into three main service areas:

Third-Party Communications

It's traditional PR tactics on steroids. We take proven techniques and use them in new and creative ways to deliver results that knock your socks off.

Viral Community-Building

Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums and microsites - we leave a lasting impression with noteworthy influencers wherever they may be.

Direct to Customer

Our knowledge and expertise doesn't stop with media and analysts. Our customer-facing programs keep your customers satisfied and well-informed, while our lead-impacting programs help convert prospects into paying, happy customers.