Launching a blog or community site can be a scary thing. You may be reluctant to tackle the blogosphere, fearing the time and resources involved to maintain the blog, to ensure its content is updated regularly, that its voice is consistent with the company's vision and mission, and that it attracts visitors month after month.

Articulate can help!

From look-and-feel to editorial direction to mobilizing groups and community-building, Articulate can help get your social properties up and running.

As strategic communicators, we view social properties like blogs and online communities as a powerful communications vehicle and a critical success factor for PR programming. In today's 24-hour news cycle, journalists don't have time to seek, schedule and then wait for interviews to happen. They need real-time soundbytes and commentary when news breaks and are increasingly turning to blogs and micro-blogging sites to gathering this information. For this reason, Articulate encourages its clients to establish its social properties as a primary thought-leadership tool.

Articulate works with you to develop the editorial direction of your blog, community or micro-site. We create editorial calendars and offer executive authors suggestions on timely topics to explore and lend commentary to. We make certain the blog content synchs with strategic communications initiatives, is fully optimized for SEO, and is promoted through a variety of traditional and social media channels. Articulate uses popular tools such as LinkedIn groups and wikis to organize groups, crowd-source valuable opinion and topics, and keep content fresh and useful.