Don't be fooled, social media isn't just for consumer brands or marketing to Millennials and Generation Y. It's about real-time brand management and customer engagement. Savvy business-to-business and services companies must be quick to listen, respond and engage with their target audiences and do so using the communication tools and channels where the conversations are happening - on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums and online discussion boards.

Articulate encourages clients to embrace social media as a key component of their strategic communications plans. We help clients navigate the new media landscape by applying our Lean Communications methodology - how can we generate the most value from active participation in the social sphere? How do we turn executives, employees and customers into online evangelists? How do we properly measure the impact our efforts have on the business?

Right now, social media is still in its infancy. It's not about ROI. It's about the cost of NOT doing it. So, you must ask yourself - do you feel lucky... well, do you?