Exiger Gets Supply Chain, Third-Party Risk Management Contract
August 4, 2022

Bloomberg Law reported that The General Services Administration has awarded Exiger with a $74.5 million multi-year contract to provide supply chain risk management and third-party risk management across the entire federal government.

Josh Smith of VRGL: Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup
July 31, 2022

Josh Smith, CEO and co-founder of VRGL, talks to Authority Magazine about five things you need to create a highly successful startup.

7 in 10 UK gamers open to video game subscription services, but half would rather own their games, finds new research
July 26, 2022

New research from Toluna Corporate finds that 7 in 10 UK gamers are open to video game subscription services, but half would rather own their games. Find out more in Esports News UK.

eCommerce: 3 Steps For Fraud Prevention
July 25, 2022

Patrick Kelly, Head of sales for Shufti Pro in the Americas, shares three initial steps retailers can take to minimize potential risk with Retail Insights.

Accounting 2.0: Fostering Growth Through Automation
July 19, 2022

In this CPA Practice Advisor article, Paul Nagy, Group Chief Product Officer at IRIS Software Group, explains how accountants can drive significant efficiencies within their firm to ensure they focus on increasing value-add advisory services.

Accounting 2.0: Fostering Growth Through Automation
July 19, 2022

Paul Nagy, Group Chief Product Officer IRIS Software Group, explains via CPA Practice Advisor that by harnessing the power of cloud computing, automation can help accountants evolve beyond their historical systems to deliver the advisory services their clients’ demand.

3 Steps to Prevent Online Fraud
July 5, 2022

Patrick Kelly, Head of Sales in the Americas at Shufti Pro, talks to Independent Retailer Magazine about why it is more critical than ever for independent retailers to minimize their exposure to online fraud, and where to focus.

Companies Face Compliance Challenges Under U.S. Forced-Labor Law Targeting China
July 4, 2022

Brandon Daniels, Chief Executive of Exiger LLC, told the Wall Street Journal that he is starting to see clients consider switching to suppliers in other countries.

How to Optimize Customer Experience for Digital Banking
July 1, 2022

Patrick Kelly, Head of Sales at Shufti Pro, talks to Spiceworks about how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-powered ID verification solutions can help financial institutions strike a balance between speed and accuracy, therefore fostering growth.

How we built the largest market research community in the world
June 27, 2022

Toluna Corporate founder Frédéric-Charles Petit explains to Business Age how the largest market research community in the world was built from the ground up.