Create a Secret Sales Force of Industry Analysts

Industry Analysts can do more for you in one conversation than many other influencer groups. They don’t just write reports, they talk to your customers, prospects, employees, job candidates, and the industry in general. And they make recommendations about you based on what they know. In short, you aren’t influencing the influencers unless you are including this important group of people.

An Industry Analyst is an expert in a particular market, in our case technology, finance or FinTech. They conduct research, assess trends, size markets, make forecasts and are engaged by banks, healthcare companies, and energy players to make recommendations about things like operational strategy and technology purchasing decisions.

Often a company will go to them with a problem and ask how they think it can be solved. In fact, some research says that four out of five financial institutions will engage an analyst to help design the RFP that goes to vendors, identify whom it should be sent to, and make the final decision on who is awarded the contract.

If the analyst knows about you and understands your business proposition and how your product or service works, they can articulate the value you would add to this company and recommend they speak to you about a sale. In essence, they are your secret sales force.

The key to a successful analyst relations program is understanding, not simply awareness. Analysts need to be given proper insight into what you do, how you do it, and the value you create for your customers. If they truly understand it, they can make those precious recommendations that become leads in the pipeline.

What we can do for you

Articulate Communications develops innovative analyst relations programs that create evangelists for your business.

We have a proven track record of helping clients foster a two-way dialogue with analysts that supports strategic decision-making, increases inbound leads, and extends brand awareness into new areas.

We combine a deep understanding of your organization and the industry you work in with knowledge of what analysts need for their business. This allows us to tailor your messaging for the analyst audience, ensure you are communicating the right information at the right time, make sure you are included in reports examining your market, and keep you top of mind, so when that large client you have been chasing asks analysts who can fill their need, your name is in the mix.

We also produce a monthly round up of research published by the industry analysts that matter to your business. Read more about it here or email us to sign up.

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