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The process of creating new leads to fill your sales pipeline has completely transformed in the last ten years, most markedly over the last two or three. It used to be that marketing or sales found the name of an individual who may be interested in what your had to sell and that lead was nurtured by sales until hopefully, they became a customer.

Today, every customer takes a different journey to you get to you. Some come to you from a search engine, others from seeing you at an industry event, in a newspaper article or from the recommendation of an industry analyst. What is consistent is that nine times out of ten, that lead comes to you armed with at least some information about your business. Because lead generation today is about the self-directed customer being able to find you, getting them to recognize that you can address a need and making them receptive enough to engage in that first sales conversation.

As marketers, our challenge is that there is an abundance of information out there so we need a well-defined strategy, underpinned by clear, consistent messaging and laser sharp targeting, to ensure that prospective customers see the information we are putting out there and can identify it as being of enough interest to spur them into action.

What we can do for you

Articulate can work with you across the lead lifecycle, developing innovative campaigns that create inbound enquiries, nurture existing leads and help close business.

We are experts in developing messaging that helps prospects understand your business, knowing where to engage these prospects and in crafting the story they see across your owned and earned, on and offline channels. We can evaluate and make recommendations on how to revamp your digital presence; create a content led strategy that gets your name in front of the right people; establish your authority as industry thought leaders; build your profile and increase share of voice above competitors; and create opportunities for your target audience to engage with you.

What sets our team apart is that we combine marketing and communications expertize with a deep understanding of industries including financial services, technology, energy, government and healthcare. This combination allows us to develop creative tactics and content that captures the attention of your audiences, and delivers real results. All of which adds up to a lead generation program that exceeds your expectations.

“Establishing a new name and reputation in the banking industry with a new core-platform capability is certainly a challenge. Articulate’s team really helped us to establish credibility and trust in the market and established great relationships and channels for us to communicate our company vision and views on the market, the challenges, and opportunities. We got some great new leads, raised brand awareness and additional credibility (always good for closing deals) on which we now expect to be able to grow and scale our business in the years to come.”

Eugene Danilkis, Co-founder and CEO of Mambu

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