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In today’s digital world, it’s safe to say that people are talking about you. Your customer’s are tweeting about your product; your competitors are leaving comments on your blog, you get the picture. Pretty much anyone in your ecosystem could be talking about you, on or offline, at any given time which means it’s no longer possible to simply hope that your message cuts through. If you want to build a strong positive reputation in the market or want to maintain one you’ve worked hard to develop, you need to treat the people and companies in your ecosystem as if they are visitors to your home.

You want your audience to feel like they know you. You want them to understand who you are, what you represent, and most of all, believe that you are listening and taking their thoughts into consideration. It’s this kind of reputation that fosters loyalty, smooths sales cycles, and creates value.

What we can do for you

At Articulate, we believe it’s about having clear values for which your brand stands, being transparent, acting quickly, and having open two-way communication between you and your audiences. This means our reputation management programs start with strong positive brand messaging that resonates, is consistent both internally and externally, and is amplified across on and offline channels.

But it isn’t just about building brand awareness. It’s about being an active member of your community, monitoring what’s been said across your channels and those of your industry, and responding to feedback when it’s given. It’s about understanding that you, your company, and your spokespeople have personas that impact the public sentiment about you. These personas need to be managed at all times, across all channels.

Articulate brings a wealth of expertise in branding, messaging, social media, media relations, analyst relations, digital marketing and more to bear on our reputation management programs. And we help you understand the dialogues that impact your business to ensure you maintain your positive standing in the market.

“Articulate offers a unique combination of financial industry domain expertise and marketing communications savvy. Audra and her team have a profound ability to elevate corporate visibility and provide measurable return on investment. I highly recommend Articulate for firms that have quality solutions and need to get the word out.”

Ross Dubin, SVP & Global Head of Sales, OneMarketData



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