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Great marketing is focused on generating revenue. Whether the specific strategy is about creating and supporting your digital presence, driving inbound lead generation, or simply increasing positive market awareness, the end game is for the prospect to become a customer (or the customer to sign onto a new product or service).

To do this, marketing needs to not only create opportunities for the sales team to pursue, i.e. delivering inbound leads. It needs to support business development throughout the entire customer journey. Marketing needs to do what it can to remove any barriers that the sales team might come across.

For example: How much longer is the sales cycle when your target hasn’t even heard of your company? Or perhaps it’s just that half of the purchasing committee has heard of you, but can’t articulate why you should win the deal to the other half that knows more about your competitor.

These barriers add up. And when sales cycles are already 12 months (or longer), removing them can have a big impact.

What we can do for you

Articulate Communications can create a program designed to eliminate the ‘who are you’ question and instead, increase the number of companies coming to you with a request for a proposal.

We start by creating messaging that resonates with your target audience, is consistent, and can be delivered via every touch point you have with prospects or customers. Then we amplify it into the market, across on and offline channels, via your website, social media, sales decks, corporate brochures, and through the language your spokespeople use when talking to press and industry analysts. We meet your customers and leads wherever they are in their conversation with you, and nurture their understanding of who you are and what you do.

By creating opportunities for you to engage with your audiences, we can help ensure they know what you stand for and are able to properly understand the value you add to their business. And most of all, they will know you have the credibility to back up your promises.

“We were impressed with Articulate Communications from day one – with how quickly they grasped our needs, refined our messaging, and created an ambitious action plan. It’s been almost five years, and we couldn’t have asked for a better tech PR partner. They are flexible, knowledgeable and connected. Most importantly, they deliver results.”

Vica Miller, SVP, Corporate Communications, DataArt

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